New Hip Hop class


Personal Coaching

Mina enjoys working with non dancers aswell as professional dancers and is available for personal dance coaching. Whether it be for a special occasion such as a wedding or just to become more comfortable on the dance floor she will be pleased to help. Please contact for more information.

Dancing with Mina is great fun, confidence building, and eye opening. Things just make much more sense now. Mina’s approach helped me to take each step at a time,it isn’t easy being outside of a comfort zone but Mina’s sense of humour and patience make it less difficult. Being more confident, having a few tricks and tips to call upon and being able to relax helped me to garner plaudits from those men who were standing at the backā€¦.looking on at the dance floor with a drink in hand and an embarrassed look on their faces.It really worked out well for me, I’m not one of those guys any more!Harry,
Student on a personal dance coaching course